It is a French zoo park located in the Moselle valley, between Metz and the Luxembourg border, in the town of Amnéville. About 1,500 animals of 360 species are presented inside the entire zoo. The zoo opens daily from 9:30 am-7:30 pm and it cost 36 Euros, 30 Euros below 12, and free entry 3 years below.

Zoo d’Amnéville

Leaving from Saarbrücken, Germany around 9 am in the morning on the Autoroute de I’Est hight way straight to Metz until found the way to Amneville town, asked some policemen, and have finally arrived at the zoo. This zoo is the most popular amongst the top ten zoos in France. Officially, it’s the best one for doing school-trips and family visiting with its thousand animals and over 360 species presented in the zoo. I actually saw it, huge groups of students and families inside the zoo. 

Zoo d’Amnéville

Had to queue for the ticket that cost 72 Euros. Inside was a bit cold to me but with fresh air and beautiful echoes of animals. The zoo looks like a puzzle garden but with its own sign to every animals’ parks and their homes.

Part One

Visited Bears, Giraffes, Rhinos, Black-Panther, camels, hippopotamus, hyenas, elephants, hamsters, gorillas, zebras Kangaroos, Tigers, Lions, Leopards, cows, goats, pigs, wild pigs, monkeys, skunks, deers, raccoons, Nassau, and so many more animals that we don’t really remember what their names are.

Part Two

Here is the collection of many different kinds of birds, here I visited Flamingos, Ostrich birds, eagles, Grey-crowned cranes, Sandhill cranes, Demoiselle Crane, Caribbean, Pelicans, Peacocks, Penguins, many colors of Ibis, many colors of Parrots and are more to count.

Part Three

This part is about lizards and snakes, all of these animals have to be in the glass, some are may have venom, but we didn’t see any cobra, just some of the pythons and the others. This park is still big because it is included with crocodiles and dragon lizards.

I didn’t know that the Seal Show is in 15 minutes, I was still at the giraffe’s park and wasn’t expecting that the stage is far away from where I was. Everybody was rushing to the show when it was announced to start the show and I was too. At the entrance, it was a long-lined of visitors and the inside was already full, almost all the seat was taken. Luckily, there’s a top seat are available.

Seals Show at Zoo d’Amnéville

In the zoo, there are many shows, the only Tiger show (TigerWorld) amongst the top zoos in France, the sea lion (seal show), Horse Riding with the eagle, bird of prey, parrots, penguin, gorilla, polar bear, wolf, and the hippopotamus show. The only show I saw was the Tiger World and the Sea Lion. If you want to see all the show that means you will miss the visit of the animals as well so I would suggest going there twice or just only see a special couple shows like I did and you got some time to see animals.

Seals Show at Zoo d’Amnéville

I spent the whole day in the zoo, more likely half day because I was there a bit late and left a bit early afternoon. I actually didn’t want to leave but I was too tired of walking in this mega zoo, starving and thirsty. It does not mention food and drinks allowance inside, but most people did bring. There are a couple of restaurants inside as well if you would like to have in.

Half-day in the zoo was incredible. This is where you can take your bestie, friends, family out for the weekend.



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