The Best Way To Visit Angkor Wat And Other Temples In Siem Reap

Spectacular land of ancient with amazing monuments and temples that spread all over the province of Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is the biggest ancient monument in Asia and the landmark of Cambodia. People can visit in many different ways, and times – from dawn until the sun goes down.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple

Since Khmer Tuk Tuk is completely different from the other countries, it is the most popular way to visit temples but there are plenty of ways to go.  A bus or minivan (You’re not coming all the way from overseas to be on that, Are you?). The scooter is out since the government banned for tourists to rent due to the accident was made (it was around 2019) recently it has changed.

Angkor Thom

The bicycle has become the number one way to visit the temples. Siad, Cambodia is very hot to do cycling but Let me tell you why a bicycle is the best way to make your visit unforgettable.

Visit Like A Local

Cycling is fit with solo, couples, friends, and family, and even more fun as a group. A bicycle can let you on local trails or an alley that a tuk-tuk or a car can’t. It allows you to see and feel the locals, and let your soul be lost in the land of ancient with trees and temples. You won’t get lost because there will be always a way to reach people. Cycling can really make a better connection with your friends and family than you could ever have back home.

Unfindable Places

A concrete road to temples is many but paths through the jungle to villages and hidden gems are more. Local villagers walk through the jungle daily to collect dead firewood, they have left tracks that allow you to reach places that tourists have never been to or can’t be reached. As I have found one of these temples is surrounded by forest.

On the path of Angkor Mode

Embrace The Nature

Outdoor activities are something that everyone loves to do and it simply makes you happy, healthy, and fun way, the positive effect, and countless benefits that nature can give to us. It does let you into a deep feeling that being surrounded by nature is significant. Who doesn’t love breathing clean, fresh air, hearing the sound of nature, and walking on the soft trail padded with trees and shade?

A Fun Way And Relaxing

You feel more comfortable when you are outside, importantly when you share it with your lover, a good friend, a family, and even groups member. Generally, this activity will decrease your inactive physical and the interaction with the technology that you have had most of your daily life. It will turn into an adventure and enhance your socializing with people and nature. 

Cycling to Angkor
Cycling to Angkor

Make Your Trip Reminiscence

A moment that you have, the people that you are with, and the location you are in, altogether will allow you to experience to see the power of your physicality and sensation through your trip and activities. It’s not just about having a wonderful time or collecting a portfolio of every place you’ve been but it’s all about memories that you make your trip unforgettable.

Sras Srong – Siem Reap

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