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Sankt Gallenkirch, the municipality in the district of Bludenz, the state of Vorarlberg Austria. An hour’s drive from Bregenz. The triple borders of Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg via Lake Constance), Switzerland (Grisons and St. Gallen), and Liechtenstein. The only Austrian state that shares a border with is Vorarlberg to the east.

Sankt Gallenkirch

From Bregenz, about an hour and a half to the city of Sankt Gallenkirch, a beautiful small town surrounded by mountains, one of Austria’s ten largest ski areas located in Montafon valley in Vorarlberg. This area is full of hotels, restaurants, and sports shops. It does look a bit empty but just because everybody is out for skiing.

Sankt Gallenkirch

Parking, took us nearly a couple hours to arrive in Sankt Gallenkirch town. There were so many free spaces of parking more than anywhere else I’ve been in Europe. A quick walk through the town for a view of the mountain surrounded and beautiful Austria’s houses all over the place.

Sankt Gallenkirch

Lunch didn’t stop on the way for breakfast but wait until we get here. Normally things are open after 10 am in the morning. Yet, had a little bit of exploring in the city until the restaurant opens to have a nice cup of tea and brunch while watching the other is skiing down the slope behind us.

Sankt Gallenkirch

Explore, once again for another exploring in town, at the back next to mount and lake for a walk through the field of snow, when it melts out in the mid-afternoon, it’s a good time for an adventure.

Meeting the Group, it was around 2:30 pm in the afternoon when the bus arrived with a big group of students. We all went to register for our Ski Pass and ski equipment before a cold beer.

Hotel, once we all done with ski registration, we all headed to our hotel located just next to the ski area, Basemontafon Hotel, checking in, pick the room, and getting ready for the evening meeting before the ski day coming tomorrow.

First Day of Ski, took a bus to a ski area called Schafbergbahn Bergstation. I got very excited and nervous at the same time, once I was standing on the ski slope. We divided into four groups, snowboarding, the experienced skiers, the beginner skiers, and the newest skiers like me. Lots of falling and lots of fun for a couple of hours until lunch break and another couple hours until it was very foggy.

Second Days of Ski, the same group we had on the first day. We went to a different ski area called Versettla Bergstation in Silvretta Montafon. Before we went to the top, we had a very short trained on the bottom slope over Salertobel Weg to divide a new group and I went to the next level. The slope on the top was absolutely stunning, scarier but lots of challenges and lots of fun.

Last Day of Ski, Everyone got a week passed but I just got three days passed so on the last day I get down to join the un-experiences group to have my own time on the slopes, taking some pictures and admire the beauty of the snow and this sport.

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