Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar’s landmark, is known as the Golden Pagoda. This amazing golden temple and the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar (Burma) is located on the top of the Hill Singuttara, Yangon (Rangoon),  with its legendary 4 holy relics buried underneath the temple. A place where local people always be for their deferential and belief in Buddhism and the popular tourist destinations in Asia.

Daily opening at 4 am -10 pm in the evening. The best time to visit is between 5-6 am in the morning perhaps for sunrise and before the sunset until after dark around 8 pm with sparkling golden glimmers all over the temples and there will be fewer people when it’s getting late.

Prices have increased recently by around 10,000 MMK (Myanmar Kyat) which is around 7 dollars per person. 

At Shwedagon Pagoda dressing code is very strict, both men and women must fully cover their legs and shoulders. Shoes and socks must be off as well. However, in other places like Bagan, men can wear shorts, but still, no tang-top – Shoes/socks must be off every time you enter the temple.

If you are wearing shorts you can borrow or hire the Longyi Skirt to cover. On the other hand, shoes can be carried along with you or leave it at the ticket counters – but to make sure that you remember your entered gate.

Up there at Pagoda, you will see crowded locales during the busy time in the early morning and the early evening, visiting, doing worship, and their deferential.

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