Most people want to be surrounded by safety, not an unexpected place but not unexpected places. Unexpected places can really take you out, change you, and impress you in the way that normal places can’t.

1/ Kulen Mountain, Siem Reap

The mountain that lies in the northern part of Siem Reap and an isolated small mount of Dangrek mountains range. It’s the sacred place and it has the most popular tourist attractions, reclining Buddha (Preah Ang Thom), a thousand linga, Kulen Waterfall, and plenty of camping areas for explorers.

  • Camping Site

Take about 15 minutes drive from Preah Ang Thom. In a place that provides you with a tent, located next to the waterfall streaming out of the forest down to the Kulen waterfall. Swimming and a Jungle trekking to visit the uncovered ancient temple in the birthplace of the Khmer empire in the middle of the jungle of Kulen National Park. A cliff view of Kulen mountain range, just on the left hand if you enter and it’s on the right hand if you exit the mountain. 

Kulen Mountain
  • Waterfall

The biggest waterfall on the mountain with two different ranges, the 5 meters tall on the top and the 20 meters tall at the bottom part. It’s the non-stop running waterfall in every season. The best time to visit is between May to November.

Kulen Waterfall

2/ Chreav Mountain, Triple Bordered Provinces (Pursat, Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Speu)

  • Trekking site

Only two and a half hours from the capital city of Phnom Penh which located on Kravanh mountain range. It’s about an hour trek and even more if you do on the longer paths to get to the top in front of the main waterfall of Chreav.

  • Stunning Waterfall on the top

There are several ranges of the fall, few are at the bottom which lots of locals go for their playground and swimming on the rockslide, another couple in the middle of a mountain which are blocked by falling trees but there is one of the tops with beautiful fall, it’s the Chreav waterfall.

  • Weekend escaping

It only takes a day to do these activities at Chreav, hiking, trekking, swimming, and a Sunday. It’s really a must thing you need to do and it’s fit with a mountain or adventure lovers.

  • Adventurous place

Start hiking on mountain trails and paths from the bottom to the top with so many challenging until you reach your destination spot. A place that you could just make a little bit different from your week.

Chreav Waterfall – Kampong Speu

3/ Bokor Mountain, Kampot

French Colonial buildings collection on atop the mountain, casino, catholic church, and the sacred temple of Wat Sampov Pram pagoda that sit at the edge of the mountain cliff. A place that you can have the best sunrise, sunset, and stunning ocean view through the green jungle that you will be amazed. Once you get to the top, there are ways of showing you, trekking trails at Preah Monivong Bokor National Park. An exciting hike to Bokor Lake on the top hill. A charming Popokvil Waterfall is only half an hour from the Park of Monivong. The rainy season (May-November) must be the best time to visit when the waterfall at its beauty. And don’t forget to visit the 500 rice fields of Bokor mountain (rocks paddy fields).

Ocean view from Bokor Mountain

4/ Kep National Park, Kep Province

The most popular outdoor activities for tourists and locals, trekking, hiking and even jogging byways of the park’s trails to the top for the best viewpoint of Phu Quoc island, Bokor ranges, and the Vietnamese marines. A very adventurous walk throughout the forest to see the Buddha statues inside the big tree in the middle of the jungle. A few hours of exterior sport and very recommended. 

Trekking at Kep National Park

5/ Kirirom, Kampong Speu

Approximately four hours drive from the Capital. Officially Preah Suramarit Kossamak Kirirom National Park, the most popular destination for a weekend break for local people. Wandering inside the green tall grass below the tall trees. Camping on the top hill of the rainforest, the home of wild animals, birds, and endangered species. Exploring the nature of pine forest, rainforest, and bamboo forest to the top viewpoint of Cardamom Mountain. The best place for biking, cycling, and trekking.

Mountain Top at Kirirom



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