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Interesting destinations on the southwest coast of Cambodia, Kampot, and Kep provinces have significant and plentiful tourist attractions for your short and long-term stay – even though the population has grown so fast in the last few years but it’s still a really quiet and peaceful place to visit all year round. One major landmark of Kampot is the giant durian roundabout in the middle of town.

Kampot, Ancient House

Never Waste Your Time!

Kampot is only about 135 km from the capital city of Phnom Penh and only around 5 km to the coast, a four to five hours drive from the capital, depending on the vehicle and how fast it goes. The first thing you need to do is settle in your hotel and then look for your favorite seafood restaurant for a local treat or snack – have a break and wander around the town before taking a boat trip for sunset and firefly viewing.

Sunset Boat Trip
Sunset – Kampot

Visit like a Local

The best way to explore these two provinces is to get a scooter and drive. It is quieter than other places to drive but for those who have never been on a motorcycle and can’t drive, a Tuk Tuk is also a good option. 

Secret Lake – Kampot

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

Hop on the bike and leave Kampot town on National Road 33 straight on until you see the sign with Tuek Chhou district office or Man’Groove Kampot on the left-hand side, then turn to local road 139. Just over 1331 Rd cross at the corner of 139, where you will also find a cave and rock climbing (Climbodia) if you’re into it or just to take a quick look. Keep going straight on until you reach Angsdok Pagoda, which is your destination.

Not many tourists visit here, but the caves are amazing, a hidden gem of Kampot, with animal sculptures from natural rock and I got the best tour guide to explore the cave network.

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple

A Secret Lake

Another gorgeous place with a stunning view but with a tragic history is the Secret Lake. It wasn’t named just because of its hidden location and being unreachable years ago but it was named according to the story of the Khmer Rouge. It is known as Tomnop Tek Krolar by the locals. It’s only about fifteen minutes drive from Chhngok Mountain.

Secret Lake – Kampot

Kampot Plantation

About a ten to fifteen minutes drive from the lake, the Kampot pepper farm is the most famous and well-known product grown locally, being exported to most of Europe and Western countries for many centuries. Join the tour at ‘La Plantation’ to learn all about pepper history and many different kinds of pepper tasting.

La Plantation – Kampot

Take a Break In-between

Been driving and exploring all morning? So, it’s time for a short break for a fresh cold coconut at a local shop next to the railway line and another chance for a photo shoot.

Kampot Railway

Ta Da Waterfall

In a different direction from Kampot town to the Northeast, around half an hour’s drive is the waterfall that lies on the other side of Bokor Mountain Range. The best time to visit for the perfect view is during the rainy season.

Ta da waterfall – Kampot

A Way to End the Day

The morning was adventurous and the afternoon was great but you still want to conclude the perfect day. On the way back from the waterfall, just stop at a local road facing east and wait until the sun goes down, then you’ll see you have made the perfect day.

Sunset view – Kampot

Bokor Mountain

The sun is already shining and the second day of adventure has begun. Driving up to the top of Bokor Mountain, you’ll discover a collection of French colonial buildings. The top places to see here are Sampov Pram Pagoda, the abandoned Bokor Palace Hotel, the Christian Church, and the waterfall. The best part of being on this mountain is to see and feel the clouds all around you.

Sampov Pram Pagoda

Kayak & Zipline

Another fun adventure is taking the zip-line challenge across the river, kayaking on the Kampot River, and just keep paddling, and laughing all the way throughout the day.

Kayaking – Kampot
Zipline – Kampot

Visiting Kep

Kep and Kampot are both connected. Kep is the smallest and newest province that was separated and registered in 2008. It’s also one of the oldest towns, founded during the French colonial period, known as the place for royalty which our King always visits for holidays – a place with unique French architecture all over the tiny town.

Kep National Park, the park is one of the most attractive places for tourists, for hiking and see the beautiful viewpoints of the islands and the Bokor Mountain peak. The best time to do it is in the morning between 7:30-10 am before the heat comes. Enjoy walking and jogging along the trails to see the waterfall and Buddha statue inside the big tree in the middle of the jungle.

Kep National Park Viewpoint

Shopping and Eating at the Crab Market

Go to buy and eat this delicious seafood from a number of restaurants all along the coast. The market is always pretty busy in the morning with lots of wholesalers and retailers waiting for seafood. It gets a bit quieter after lunch when it’s too hot outside.

Crab Market – Kep

Kep Beach

The beach has become so popular and busier since Sihanoukville Beach was taken over by many Chinese businesses. Kep Beach may look a bit smaller and shorter but with its white and wild sand, it’s an excellent spot for walking or just topping up your tan. You can also see the sunrise, and sunset and of course, indulge in a little swimming.

Take an Adventure to Kampong Trach Cave

The well-known mountain cave of Kampong Trach is a popular tourist attraction in Kampong Trach district, Kampot. It’s only half an hour’s drive from Kep town, with the scooter, which was very adventurous. The caves are absolutely gorgeous and tranquil and you’ll definitely notice the difference between Angkor Wat and here.

Kampong Trach Cave

Make the Trip Memorable

I have visited Kampot and Kep many times and never get bored of these places because of their beautiful nature and lots of activities to do. Kampot and Kep also are known as the most popular weekend escape for ex-pats, especially from Phnom Penh, as it only takes a few hours to get there. Highly recommended for travelers who are passing by or planning a weekend getaway!

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