A must thing that you must do on your holiday. The top six cycling destinations in Asia.

1/ Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • A country full of smiles and very friendly
    Cambodia is listed in the top 5 of the world’s friendliest countries. People here are very shy but likely smiling at you to get started, either in conversation or whatever you need help with. Cambodian believe that a bilingual language is the key to unlocking the door, so most of us can speak really good English. 
  • A Land Full of spectacular ancient temples all over the place.
    The history of the Khmer Empire is very legendary and glorious. The king had left thousands of temples all over the country, most of them in Siem Reap province. The well-known to the world is Angkor Wat Temple and it’s the top tourist destination.
  • Countryside life of Khmer people
    Cycling is the only way to get into the local places and experience life beyond the tourist attractions. Go and see how people live around the great Tonle Sap Lake, by doing farming, and fishing.
  • Nature 
    Temples are covered by jungle for centuries, until now that you can cycle through villages, countryside, and forest to reach the temples.
Cycling in Siem Reap Province

2/ Bangkok, Thailand

  • Exploring nontourist places
    Bangkok is huge, it’s hard to get around without a taxi or tuk-tuk and it might take a lot of your time to places by walking. Get a bike and go on your own, you’ll find the best places that no one else could.
  • Biking is the best way for sight-seeing
    It’s hard to choose or it’s too many choices for the tour? Renting a bike or joining a bicycle tour is a lot better than you think. Go bike freedom, stop whenever you want,  for a break, or sightseeing along the way.
  • Visit the hidden gem
    If you’re walking, then you can just explore the nearby hidden gem, but with cycling, you can go as far as you want out of the tourist attractions but the interesting places outside that you found on the way.
Cycling in Bangkok Alleyways

3/ Bagan, Myanmar

  • Friendly and curiosity nation in foreigners flowing in
    Burmese is a very friendly nation, they are really looking forward to meeting new people and welcoming into the tourist industry.
  • Extraordinary amazing thousand Bagan temples
    Get lost in the ancient city with thousands of temples, pagodas, and monasteries, the world heritage site of UNESCO all over Bagan, it has become the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia.
  • The paradise view of the Bagan sunrise and sunset
    The most highlight things to do in Bagan, whether you take a hot air balloon or from the viewpoint of the temple, it’s incredibly stunning. Then take a bike, go explore Bagan, and find your own sunset viewpoint.
  • Land of the sacred
    Cycling from the sacred temple to the temple in Bagan is the best thing I have ever done. It’s so peaceful and you must do it if you are in Bagan.
Explore Bagan by Bike

4/ Hoi An, Vietnam

  • Explore lands where the only bike can be
    A bike can be easily put on a boat, a car, or even on the tuk-tuk to reach your destination by cycling, on the local path, ricefields, farming alley, or escape away from the crowd.
  • The hidden sight through alleyways old town
    Cycling through the alleyways old town of Hoi An has a lot of fun and is so adventurous. Explore like a local and enjoy a drink at a local pub in the old town square where only locals and us. 
  • Adventures for a tasty treat
    A journey to beautiful countryside, the hidden gems, non-tourist attractions, and importantly, the taste of the local foods.
A journey in Hoi An

5/ Luang Prabang, Laos

  • Adventures in the Jungle by Bike
    Discover your journey with nature surrounding through all the way from the start to the end. 
  • See and learn of the cultural differences
    Keep pedaling on the road with no traffic but nature. Take a break and visit the local places.
  • Embrace the local
    It’s all about the connection wherever you go, whoever you meet, and whatever you see. Find your way around Luang Prabang just like a local with a bike.
Go and see Luang Prabang

6/ Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Experience with the differences between the capital city and the old town of Chiang Mai (which means new town). Discovered in 1294 or 1296. A journey at the mountainous site, surrounded by the highest mountain range in the country.
  • Bike like home
    You might have heard about the crazy traffic in Asia! Chiang Mai is different, the city is very clean and organized. Everyone is just so generous and helpful. It might just be a little bit busy at the rushing hours inside the city (still organized) but the outside is just very quiet, and very easy to get around.
Chiang Mai old town wall

Cycling is a way to embrace the locals. If you’re ready to spend a day feeling like a local, then get a bike and make it happens.

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