Interesting Things To Do In Bangkok Three Days

Bangkok is one of the most popular destination cities in Southeast Asia, It has so many tourist attractions to visit, all of which you might need plenty of time to stay but for those who don’t have much time, there’s still a lot of interesting to do and visit in couple days, doing sightseeing, temples, visit the modern city and of course the amazing local places that you can really experience with them and being like a local visitor. 

Wat Ratchanatdaram -Bangkok

1. Mariamman Temple, Bangkok

First Day of arrival, visited the Indian temple, I had a Tuk Tuk which cost me around 300 Barts from Rambuttri Road to the temple. There were packed of Indians and local Thai in the temple, doing worship inside and listening to the Chanting that plays over and over. 

2. Walking through China Town

Hopping on a taxi meter from the Indian temple to Chinatown cost about 60 Barts. It is known as the largest Chinatown in the world serving the Chinese immigrant population since 1782 so I spent over half an hour exploring and wandering around the town.

Chinatown – Bangkok

3. Khao San Road

Known as the backpacker street, with cheap food, drink, accommodations, tourist information, and party all night.

4. Bike through Bangkok

I booked Bangkok Canal Boat & Bike Tour this is the best way that I found to explore Bangkok city, getting away from the traffic and busy roads by cycling through the trails and small alleys, the best way to see real local life, local markets, and houses all the way.

Bike through Bangkok

5. Wat Saket

I got back from the tour at 3 pm. I decided not to rest but walked straight to Wat Saket (Golden Mount) Opening hour is 09-05 PM with a 50 BT ticket price. The Bangkok city view was seen from the top. I was completely worn out because of the day cycling and its 344 steps, but it was a very nice breath up there to make me feel better. 

Golden Mount
Golden Mount

6. Wat Arun & Wat Pho

The Temple of the Dawn is a recognizable temple of Thailand’s landmarks. It opens daily from 8:30 – 17:30 with 100 BT for the entrance fee but most of the tourists wait until after dark and visit without a ticket, you can still get inside but you’re not allowed to go up to the temple. The evening would be the best time to visit because it usually lights up with gleaming golden in Bangkok twilight. I took a boat to the other side of the river and visit Wat Pho. Usually, it is busy during the day but in the evening is totally almost empty, then back to Khaosan Road for dinner and a party.

7. Grand Palace 

After the whole morning at the pool, I got a taxi outside the hotel to the Palace and arrived around 1 pm in the afternoon. It was a bit hot at this time but I thought maybe fewer tourists, unfortunately, it was not. It was packed. It cost 500 BT for entry. It’s the busiest temple compared to the others but the temple is stunning and worth visiting. 

Grand Palace – Bangkok

8. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Joined the one-day tour to Damnoen Saduak floating market located in Ratchaburi Pronive about 62km from Bangkok. This floating market is very popular with local and domestic tourists. They do have several of them but Damnoen Saduak is the main and most popular one. 

Just about half an hour’s drive from the floating market, the tour had the last stop at Maeklong Railway Market.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Maeklong Railway Market

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