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The most well-known city in Asia, Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in Southeast Asia with its high population and its famous tourist attractions all over the place. It is a recognized destination for people all over the world to visit. 2/3 of Asian people said that Bangkok is the best place to do shopping, get delicious food, have nightlife, a day tour, and even careers. It also is best known as the stop for flight connecting.

Wat Arun – Bangkok

Wat Chanasongkhram Ratchaworamahawiharn

I just can’t wait to explore in the early morning after I got a lovely hot chocolate from Tales Khaosan Café and a tasty breakfast from a local restaurant, just right in front of the café. I wandered around and found the temple nearby called Wat Chanasongkhram, not too many tourists though, a little bit crowded inside but most are local Thai people doing their worship and praying.

Wat Chanasongkhram Ratchaworamahawiharn – Bangkok

Democracy Monument

The monument is in the middle of a traffic roundabout on Ratchadamnoen Avenue of Dino Road and is always surrounded by vehicles but there is a traffic stop in the middle as well, which you can get the perfect shot for a picture.

Democracy Monument

Wat Saket ( Golden Mount )

It looks just like next to the monument but it might take a five to ten minutes walk and it only has two ways to get to the mountain area. I thought I was at the entrance but I wasn’t, it was an exit path for local monks and nuns and of course, tourists can actually enter or exit as well. The opening hour is 09-05 PM with 50 BT ticket prices. 

Wat Saket – Golden Mount

With 344 steps to go, it was just being on a hike on the hill. There are a lot of small and big bells hanging all over the place, banging by the wind, just like a musical orchestra that you can actually listen to its beautiful echo. You then can also bang the bell and make a wish. On the top of the temple where people can request or find their present or future answers from the sacred oracle lots (called Kau Cim or Chi-Chi sticks also known as the Oracle of Guan Yin in Buddhist tradition). Everyone tried and I did too.

Taste the Food

I stayed for such a long time, just sat down seeing the view of the city and taking a lovely breeze. It was mid-morning already so I left the temple and that’s when I found a lovely local restaurant near the mountain. I got this delicious meal at a local restaurant.

Local Food

Wat Pho ( Temple of Reclining Buddha )

Hopped on a Thai tuk-tuk for about a 5-minute drive from The Golden Mount to Wat Pho (also spelled Wat Po).  The temple was absolutely packed with tourists during the day. Opening hour is 8:00-17:00 pm and the ticket was 100 BT for the 2018 price. Wat Pho is known as the oldest and biggest temple in Bangkok with its beautifully designed, sparkling decorations from Chinese ceramic on every chedi (Stupas). There were just too many locals and tourists queuing to get inside the temple. It might take a little while for the visit.

Wat Pho – Bangkok
Wat Pho – Bangkok

Grand Palace (Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang)

There are so many taxis and tuk-tuks waiting outside Wat Pho, don’t get on it, the Palace might look a little bit far but it’s just right next to each other. It only takes about five minutes to walk from Wat Pho. Make sure you wear long pants and cover the top.

Grand Palace

Khao San Road

Walking from the Grand Palace to Khao San Road took around twenty minutes but you come for adventures and exploring, so why not. It looks a bit quiet during the daytime and comes alive in the evening. This area is known as backpackers street, for the budget traveler, it has so many cheapest accommodations, food, and travel deals in Bangkok.

Khao San Road

Let’s go for a Ride

Joining the bicycle tour (Bangkok Night Life Tour) is one of the best ways to explore Bangkok city. The tour starts at 6 pm and will be finished by 10 pm. Ride on small trails and alleys straight to the riverfront where you get the best experience of local life living along the way.

Bicycle Tour – Bangkok

The first stop was at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), the recognizable temple of Thailand’s landmark. It opens daily from 8:30 – 17:30 with 100 BT for the entrance fee. The temple can be visited after dark without a ticket, you can still get inside but you’re not allowed to go up of the temple. I would suggest in the evening because it usually lights up with gleaming golden in Bangkok twilight.

Wat Arun Night-Time
Wat Arun Night-Time

The second stop was at Pak Khlong Market (flower market). This market is open 24 hours and it gets busier at dawn when retailers and whole sellers come to get the flower from the boats and trucks. Having a cold drink and snack while exploring inside the market, full of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and snacks but most basically flowers. There are so many street foods just outside the market. Everyone just grabs what they like or what they have never tried before. Thai food is more likely spicy and They said: ” If it’s not spicy then it’s not Thai food”.

The last stop was at Wat Pho (Temple of the reclining Buddha). It is officially named Wat Phra Chettuphon Vimolmangklararm. The tour has shown me so many unknown places – the hidden gem, the incredible experience with local life living, and an absolutely beautiful history told by the tour guide. 

Go Explore Beyond the City

Bangkok Canal Boat & Bike Tour is another way to see the outside of the city of Bangkok. The tour starts at 10 and finishes in the late afternoon. Visited the local market, and shops along the way, and only cycled through the narrow paths by the local houses. Having a short break in the cafe with a tasty cake, a wonderful drink, and a lovely owner. Thanusingha Bakery House, the Portuguese Cake Bakery, to know how they use the ordinary traditional Portuguese style to bake a delicious cake not too many tourists know this place, it’s a hidden gem. Map

Thanusingha Bakery House

Wat Kampangbangjak Banglongloung

There are two pagodas named exactly the same – told by the tour guide. Only this place that lines up with restaurants comes with balconies facing the Canal, watching the boat tour, feeding river fish, and enjoying a lovely meal – while waiting for the meal, I bought lots of fish food and feed them. It was nearly 3 pm so everyone on the tour has to be on the boat and ride back along the Canal. Surprisingly, we got to see giant lizards sleeping just right outside of the backyard of the house and even nearby the bushes. The boat riding was fun, watching local people living by the river, the fish, and the lizards – and we finally get back to the city for a short cycle to end the tour.

Kampangbangjak Banglongloung

Night Market at Asiatique Riverfront

Bangkok has so many night markets, and each of them is very gorgeous and alive. I chose this market because it’s the closest one where I was staying. It has the largest open mall, restaurants all over the place, and a huge playground, notably, it has a massive dock facing the Chao Phraya River. I had a lovely barbecue of Thai food and sat close to the dock. I would recommend getting a taxi during the nighttime, much more convenient and safe.

Asiatique Riverfront

The Time Has Come, I didn’t realize today is today, it’s time to pack and get ready to go back home. Three nights and four days in Bangkok were definitely enjoyable.

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