Island! sounds extremely exciting right?

When I think of all the beaches that I have visited, Koh Rong is one of my favorites, one of the best in Southeast Asia. When you talk about beaches in Cambodia, everybody will, of course, think of Sihanoukville but recently tourists have been favoring Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem for their Cambodian beaches.

Hop on the bus to Sihanoukville until you arrive around lunchtime and wait until 3 pm for the boat to take you there, it only takes less than an hour to reach the island. When I arrived at the island’s pier I could see why the island is known as a paradise, the stunning white and wild sandy beach all along the island.

I decided not to be in the hostel or guesthouse, but I got a lovely bungalow with an absolutely gorgeous balcony. I settled myself in the hammock and gazed out at the sea in front of me. There’s no more time to wait for the beach, the baseball, and a swim.

Koh Rong

Go High Beyond The Beach

I was offered a discount last night, so why not! The next day I took a zipline tour, known as Koh Rong High Point Park. There are two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I chose the morning – it wasn’t early and it wasn’t too late for lunchtime. It was incredibly fun and it’s the best way to see the ocean from the top. How it finished wasn’t according to the time, it depended on how slow or fast people can do it. Once you did the tour, it’s time to head on for lunch and a swim afterward.

Koh Rong High Point Park – Zipline
Koh Rong – Police Beach

Another Day of Adventure

A boat tour in the afternoon of snorkeling, fishing, and plankton viewing. It started a bit late in the mid-afternoon but once the tour reaches the tiny island just next to Koh Rong everyone was really enjoying the snorkeling, and seeing corals and fish.

Snorkeling – Koh Rong

The next stop was heading to the open sea for fishing – it wasn’t a fun part because a lot of people got really seasick and some big waves, so we stopped at a beach called Sok San or Long Beach, it’s simply gorgeous and the longest beach on the island. There was nothing there rather than a few empty resorts abandoned, so we could relish the shallow warm water or wander along the empty, wild sand. This beach is the best vantage point for sunset viewing on the island.

Long Beach – Koh Rong

A Fun Time With Beach Party

It’s all about the party drinks and dancing at the beach. There are tons of bars and restaurants on the island, so you can never get away from the beach part on your holiday.

Nighttime – Koh Rong

I only had a few days on the island, and after all these kinds of activities, It was time to end the holiday. However, I got the entire morning before jumping on the boat back to the mainland, and of course, had a swim. I just wish to have another week off to be on the island.

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