Hi, I'm Den...

I’m Den, a Cambodian freelance artist, author, and blogger.  I have published three books and also have a large portfolio of paintings.  I love to travel and write about all the places I visit, which I hope makes for an interesting and helpful blog for other travellers.

Den is a Cambodian freelance artist, author, and blogger. He was born and raised in a farmer family in Kampong Cham province along the Mekong River of Cambodia.

He developed a passion for writing and creating art when he was little. His first novel, WHY YOU LEFT, published on 27 August 2017. He has now published three books and also has a large portfolio of paintings.

Graduated from college, Den has been travelling a lot. He’ve been writing and posting all about his amazing destinations for other travellers.

Currently, he is a journalist based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He works as a journalist and Content Creator in a Local News. He also a Founder of This is Den, creating websites, journalism, travel blogs, and videos. 

As an avid with writing and painting, he has been making many amazing portfolios.

An as a local, his goal is to deliver astounding stories about people throughout Southeast Asia, specializing in travel, lifestyle, business, and documenting interesting stories throughout the region.