Hi, I'm Den...

I’m Den, a Cambodian freelance artist, author, and blogger.  I have published three books and also have a large portfolio of paintings.  I love to travel and write about all the places I visit, which I hope makes for an interesting and helpful blog for other travellers.

Den is a Cambodian freelance artist, author, and blogger. He was born and raised in a farmer family in Kampong Cham province along the Mekong River of Cambodia.

He developed a passion for writing and creating art when he was little. His first novel, WHY YOU LEFT, published on 27 August 2017. He has now published three books and also has a large portfolio of paintings.

Graduated from college, Den has been travelling a lot. He’ve been writing and posting all about his amazing destinations for other travellers.

Currently, Den lives in the capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, As an avid with writing and painting, he keeps doing on his works.