A Few Days Weren’t Enough For The Beach

Patong is known as the busiest province of Phuket Island, which attracts millions of tourists every year. Phuket International Airport is the gateway to the island, a bus will be available from Bangkok as well but it’s probably not a good choice for those who only have a short time to visit it. A flight is the only real option to get there and enjoy the beach in your amount of time.

Patong Beach – Phuket

A Way to the Beach

Once you land in Phuket, go grab a minibus at the main beach of Patong. I was thinking I arrived at one point, but it turned out the driver stopped on the way to the travel agent so that they can sell you something, like a tour. Each passenger was dropped off at a hotel that was informed by the travel agency. Then there was me and two other last passengers left and the driver dropped me at the wrong place, fortunately, I only had to walk a few minutes to the right hotel that I have booked.

No Time to Wait

After checking into the hotel, I just walked straight to the beach, which only took me around ten to fifteen minutes. Patong is full of hotels and restaurants and there’s no shortage of them along the seafront.

It was my first time at Patong Beach, so I decided not to book any tours yet, but to explore it by myself. It has the best spot to see the sunset. I just popped into the mini-mart, got some drinks, and spent my whole afternoon lying on the beach, enjoying swimming and waiting for the sun to set, just right in front of me. When the sun goes down the beach gets a bit quieter which means you can enjoy sitting down with a drink and listening to the sound of the waves.

Sunset at Patong Beach – Phuket

Saving on Eating

There’s street food almost everywhere, I could just eat anytime I wanted, it’s delicious. They only accept the local Thai Baht currency but don’t worry, the currency exchanges are everywhere. You can find everything you need at the beach area – it’s all just so easy and convenient.

Night Out

Nighttime at the beach is more crowded, with tourists everywhere, knowing your way around is a must as it’s easy to get lost on the streets with all the bars on Bangla Road but you’re on a holiday so why not!

Another Beach Time for the Second Day

It rained almost every day when I was there during my stay because I chose the wrong season, September. I would definitely say it was my wettest holiday, yet the second day was a washout for the entire day. Anyhow, I still managed to have a great time, wandering around, shopping, snacking, and of course a night out to a beach party.

My plan was just to relax and get more tanned on the beach. I hadn’t thought about any tours yet and because of the rain, I need more time at the beach.

Patong Beach – Phuket
Phuket Airport

Last of All

I wasn’t ready to go yet, but the flight was calling me so I had to. The public transport only runs after 7 am and my flight was 6 am in the morning so I had to be at the airport for a night in the hotel. I wish I had more time in Thailand!

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