Den about profile

Den is a talented and driven Cambodian freelance artist, author, and blogger. Born and raised in a farmer family in the picturesque Kampong Cham province along the Mekong River of Cambodia, Den discovered his passion for writing and creating art from a young age. Since then, he has achieved notable success in his creative pursuits, with his first novel, WHY YOU LEFT, published on 27 August 2017, and two subsequent books as well as a large portfolio of paintings.

Following his college graduation, Den has been fortunate enough to combine his passion for travel and creativity. Through his writing and postings, he shares his amazing and exciting travel destinations with other avid travelers, capturing their imaginations and inspiring them to embark on their own adventures.

Now based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Den works as a journalist and Content Creator in Local News, delivering compelling and insightful stories about people throughout Southeast Asia. As the Founder of This is Den, he creates websites, journalism, travel blogs, and videos that showcase his impressive talents and unique perspective, documenting interesting stories throughout the region.

His passion for writing and painting is evident in the amazing portfolios he has created through his work. As a proud local, Den is committed to delivering stunning and inspiring stories about people and places throughout Southeast Asia, specializing in travel, lifestyle, and business, and documenting the intriguing narratives that bring the region to life.