Best way to explore Phnom Penh!

Phnom Penh, the capital city sits on the amazing junction sites of the Four faces river or Chaktomuk.

You would probably have one or a couple of days stop in the capital city every place you are traveling to. Cambodia’s capital city is quite big but tourist attractions are at the riverfront and some outsiders. Because you are coming from the city, you must look for something different to do and visit.

Want to get away from the crowd out of the city? There will always be ways to do that.

Phnom Penh – Bike Ride For Fun

Recently, cycling is one of the best activities for both tourists and local people to do on the weekend and to entertain their visiting. Join a bicycle tour or rent a bike for self-exploring? If you would like a guide to show you the routes, you could join one of the best bike companies in Asia. Grasshopper Adventure gives you tours, bike rental, and special activity, Bike Ride For Fun every weekend that everyone can join.

Grasshopper Adventure

Why you must join the bike ride for fun?
Because you will be joining, meeting new people and you will be visited in non-touristic places. It will start at their office, cycle to the riverfront on the walkable and stop in front of the Royal Palace for a great picture before getting on the ferry.

Bike Ride – Phnom Penh

Taking a ferry behind Hotel Cambodiana to Areyksat commune located on the island of Koh Ouknhatey, Kandal province. A popular place to visit the countryside lives and the best area for the bike ride.

Areyksat Ferry

Cycling on the trail along the river bank through farms and villages. There are so many places to see, lakes, farms, plantation, life in the countryside that you could find it next to the capital city of Phnom Penh.

Keep pedaling and laughing all the way from start to an end. A way that you can make your weekend and visit unforgettable.

Check out my video of our cycling in Phnom Penh.



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