Camping on Kulen Mountain for 1 Night, 2 Days

Siem Reap is known as the land of the ancients with its spectacular of the amazing monuments and temples that spread all over the province which were built decades ago.

When people come to Siem Reap, Angkor Wat temple will be the first thing on their visit. The temple is known as the biggest ancient monument in Asia. However, the beyond tourist attractions are available as well on many different sides, places, and activities.

You got temples, countryside, boat-trip, circuses, and more than meets the eye – that Siem Reap can entertain you during your stay and visit. In this post, I’m going to show you one of the amazing activities that everyone will absolutely love it.

Siem Reap has the biggest waterfall located on the top of Kulen Mountain. Every day there will be hundreds of tourists and local people going to visit. Most of them would just see the main waterfall, and the big Buddha statue (reclining Buddha) carved on the top of the big rock. Recently, there are a village, school, pagoda, and some hidden gem that has just been built and found.

We started the trip at about 6 am in the morning and got there about an hour later. Before we arrive at the campsite, we stopped for a quick look at the cliff for the view of the mountains, the best place to take a picture.

View from the cliff – Kulen Mountain
View from the cliff – Kulen Mountain

We got over twenty people on this trip, half of us started by cycling from town, some others went by motorbike and the rest went by minivan. Big bus and the Tuk-Tuk is hard to be up there. The gate is open from early morning until 12 pm for entry and those who want to exit have to get down before 4 pm because it getting gloomy which will be dangerous to drive. If you can make it there in the early morning then you will get enough time for trekking, hiking, and exploring before it gets too hot in the afternoon.

Trekking – Kulen Mountain

Once we arrived at the campsite, everyone picked their favorite camp at a favorite spot. A small waterfall more like a stream flowing through the jungle behind our campsite, most of us just jumped into the water after we dropped our bag in the camp – enjoy the swim, jumping from the jetty, and rope until lunchtime calling us.

After lunch, we hopped on the van and drove to the biggest waterfall on the mountain (Kulen Waterfall). It is flowing on the carving thousand linga (Thousand Cocks) down to the bottom, with its beauty and frosty water, making the waterfall look stunning.

Kulen Waterfall

Back at the campsite, we played games with our team and the party started after dinner. Everybody did enjoy dancing, drinking, and playing more games. Of course, we off for another swim that night and back to sit for chit-chat in front of a campfire until everyone passed out.

The next morning came, and we were all ready for the trek through the jungle to see the Batcave, Sras Domrei (elephant statues) landed in the middle of the forest. It took us more than two hours back and forth. This is the best part of our trip. We have another lovely lunch before our trip ended.

Campfire at night on Kulen Mountain
Sras Domrei (elephant statues)

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